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8-Week Group for women with binge/emotional overeating problems
The small group (6-8 women) provides an integrative, research-based approach for developing the following:
  • Skills for Mindful Eating

  • Strategies for Sustaining a Healthy Relationship with Food

  • Self-Awareness for Managing Habitual Eating Patterns

  • Identifying Triggers for Emotional Eating


The group is led by Dr. Starkman who has researched and written about women's struggles with binge and emotional eating and has a clinical specialty in this area.    The group provides an integrative, research-based approach for healthier eating and improved body awareness for women participants to sustain over time.  An anti-diet approach, women participants have reported an improved ability for balanced eating, increased awareness about their relationship with food and a skills for overall well being.  Most importantly, former group members have been able to end their battle with binge eating and sustain progress over time!

A new group will begin in the Spring 2023 to be held in my Guilford office. Interviews for the group will begin mid-Spring. If you are interested in learning more about the upcoming group, please contact the office using the form below, or contact Dr. Starkman: (203) 458 3330 |

Thank you. Dr. Starkman will reach out soon to discuss the group.

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