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Insight Timer App

The Insight Timer App is suggested for use in maintaining one's own meditation practice while connecting with a global community of meditators.  Other features include guided meditations and a variety of special interest meditation chat groups.  This is an accessible and well designed helpful support for beginner or advanced meditators and offers additional options for improving sleep, relaxation and overall self-care.  Importantly, use of any app for these purposes is optimally effective when modified for an individual's unique needs and responses. 

Guided Imagery

As a therapeutic strategy, and user-friendly type of meditation, guided imagery promotes a receptive state of mind that can foster desired changes for deepening self-awareness and overall well being.  Dr. Starkman has studied with Belleruth Naparstek, a guided imagery master teacher, who states, "guided imagery is a form of deliberate, directed daydreaming - a purposeful use of the imagination - for desired changes in mind, body, psyche, and spirit..."  As an effective adjunct to talk therapy, Holly incorporates the use of guided imagery in her work, where appropriate, to support a connection between mind and body.  Research has shown that guided imagery can promote relaxation and contribute to a calmer state of well being. 

The following is a sample of a guided imagery sequence narrated by Dr. Starkman.

Guided Imagery - Sample - Holly Starkman
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