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"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud became more painful

than the risk to blossom."

                                                  - Anais Nin



Whether you are experiencing a crisis, living with a difficult situation or seeking to improve an aspect of your life, psychotherapy offers an opportunity to improve your satisfaction in relationships and daily living.

I believe that psychotherapy is most successful in a respectful and supportive relationship, which I strive to maintain so that clients can reach their desired potential.

My clients have shared with me that my style is compassionate, non-judgmental and focused, which has fostered an ability to access their own inner wisdom and improve self-care.

Psychotherapy services are available to individuals, couples, and families; specializing in the following areas for adolescents and adults:

• Eating Problems, Eating Disorders & Body Image Issues
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Stress Management
• Trauma and Loss
• Women's Health
• Parenting Support
• Life Transitions and Adjustments
• Relationship Issues
• Personal Growth

Additionally, I offer an eight-week group for women with binge or emotional eating problems.  Click ABOUT HOLLY for more detailed information.

A free initial phone consultation is offered to discuss your current concerns and to consider options that match your needs.

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